Sunday, November 30, 2008

Class 5: Week 9

Wow...three weeks left...really??

If you've been following along...and even if you haven't, we are working on our layout for our short films. This last week we blocked out the second 1/3 of our short films. Each week I'll be getting notes on things to change and then in Week 11 I will make all those changes.

There will be some interesting technical challenges with pulling a mask off the characters faces but I think i've figured out a way to do it. Now, I'll move onto the final 1/3 of my layout and the term will soon come to an end.

For now, here is the second 1/3 of my layout. Hope you enjoy it and as always I would LOVE to hear your comments and feedback. Have a great week and an amazing December. Christmas is!




Blogger Cinthia Fujii said...

Hey Chris!

I found your Blog :)
Great jobs!!
Can I put it in my links?? :)

Cin :*

3:31 PM  

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