Monday, October 13, 2008

Class 5: Week 3


So I finally came up with three story ideas that I am pretty happy with. I still need to flesh them out and refine them but at least its a start. This week my mentor will pick two of the these ideas and then I will do video pitches for both of them. After that, he will pick the best one and I will get to work on it, creating storyboards, an animatic, and then a layout by the end of the term. Anyways, I'd love to hear any feedback you have on these ideas. Have a great week and Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!




Setting: A stage

Time of day: Evening

Characters: Tanner, a 13 year old boy. (Bishop)

We open with a stage. The red curtains are closed and a rickety Broadway-style sign with broken and burnt out light bulbs lowers on cables reading “No-Talent Show”. It ascends and the curtains open to reveal a nervous young man, Tanner, in a bow tie and cumber bun. Tanner is noticeably uncomfortable as he prepares to impress the audience. He raises his arms and performs the “pull your thumb off” trick. The audience is nearly silent except for a few sighs and the sound of crickets. He gets more nervous as he prepares for his next act. He tries to perform a little dance routine and trips over his own feet, stumbling to regain balance. Again, the audience is less than impressed and a few even boo and laugh at him. His bow tie droops down, emoting his disappointment. Tanner decides to give it one more try. He reaches in his cumber bun and pulls out three juggling balls. He tries to juggle and all three balls fall on the ground. Tanner is devastated, along with his bow tie. Defeated, he goes to walk off the stage and accidentally steps on one of the dropped balls. He slips and falls flat on his back. The audience gasps and are stunned into silence as some whisper their concern. Tanner gathers his last bit of energy to get up and embarrassingly puts his arms out, as to say “tada”. Immediately, the audience ERUPTS with applause and laughter and the “No Talent Show” sign descends with flashing lights and chiming. Tanner's bow tie shoots out with excitement and quivers with glee as Tanner looks around confused. He realizes what he has done and a big smile emerges on his face. As he takes his proud final bow, we hear his pants rip in the back and his face shoots up in shock. The audience laughs even harder and Tanner awkwardly runs and trips off stage. Cut to black.


Setting: A kitchen table

Time of day: Early Afternoon

Characters: 3 characters. Jimmy, a 6 year old boy. (Bishop) Jimmy's Mom. (Bishop) Jimmy's Dad. (Bishop)

We open with the title “The Wish”. There is a candle flame above the letter I and we hear it get blown out and the letters fade to black. We fade in and see Jimmy, a 6 year old boy sitting at a table in front of his birthday cake. He looks excited and anxious. His parents gesture for Jimmy to make a wish. He closes his eyes and furrows his bow in concentration. We then see Jimmy's thoughts and ideas for the wish he should make through a cloudy sequence of shots. We see Jimmy start to fly up but he smashes into the roof. We see Jimmy eating his hundredth cookie of a million he wished for and he gets sick, covering his mouth and turning green. Finally, we see him holding a leash and it quickly pans out to reveal a giant cartoon dinosaur that steps on him. The dream sequence ends and we see Jimmy with his eyes closed. He opens them with an idea, blows his candles out, and looks over at his parents with a smile. His parents stand close with their arms around each other and look proud. Suddenly, Jimmy's mom's stomach expands and we see she has become 9 months pregnant. Jimmy's parents look at each other with disbelief and fear and it cuts to black.

Point of the story: Be careful what your kids wish for.


Setting: A kissing booth at a fair

Time of day: Late Afternoon to Early Evening

Characters: 2 chracters. Young man. (Bishop) Young woman. (Bishop)

We see a young man approach a kissing booth. A sign on the booth reads “50 cents per kiss”. A hot, young girl stands behind the booth, awaiting her next customer. The young man gives a smile as he reaches in his pocket for a couple quarters. She sends back a casual and slightly unimpressed smile as he sets the money on the counter. He leans in and gets a kiss. He smiles wider and reaches in his pocket for more money and sets it on the table, getting a second kiss. More excited now, he reaches for money again and as he pulls it out, an alarm goes off. She reaches around and hangs a closed sign on the front of the booth. The young man looks disappointed. The young woman then reaches up around her neck and pulls off a mask, revealing she is an old woman. The young mans reaction turns to one of pleasant surprise. Smiling, he reaches up and pulls off a mask of his own. He is an old man. They exchange smiles and walk off into the sunset together as cartoon hearts float up above them.

Point of the story: Love can find you under the strangest circumstances.


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