Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Hey there! This week the assignment is to do a "Devastation" pose for Stu as well as animate a ball with squash and stretch going through an obstacle course. Here is the final animation I came up with as well as the stu devistation pose. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


I just finished working on this weeks assignment and have done a few revisions since the last time I posted. It is sure hard to get an interesting and complete animation with only 120 frames to use but it is a good challenge. Here is my final assignment for this week. The weights of the balls are a bowling ball and a tennis ball...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Animation Mentor Student Showcase - Fall 2007

Here is the AM Showreel for the Fall. There is some GREAT stuff on here! Check it out!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007


Yo, We just stared week 4 here and the assignment is to make any revisions to last weeks assignment based on Nicole's (my mentor) critique. Also, the animation assigment is to thumbnail and animate a heavy and a light ball using timing and spacing. Here is what I have so far...


This week we started animation!!!! The assignment was to do a bouncing ball with the weight of a basketball or soccerball in 100 frames using timing and spacing. Also, for our sketchbook we were supposed to excited poses and then choose one and pose "Stu" in 3D. Here is some "exciting" gestures, the excited Stu pose. The bouncing ball animation is on the way once I figure out how to embed video properly...


This week our assignment was to go out and draw in a public place. We were told to draw people and observe motion. Also, we were told to focus on the line of action and keep the drawings simple. I went to food court in the mall because I knew there would be good variety of different people there and there DEFINATELY was. On the way over to the food court, a lady selling lotion and stuff made me sit down and she put stuff all over my face and then somehow convinced me to buy it. It was funny...but very strange. Anyways, our assignment was to then take one pose that we liked and pose Animation Mentor's "Stu" character in 3D. Here are some sketches and the pose that I came up with....


After 2 years of waiting for it, the time has FINALLY COME!!!!!! My mentor for Class 1 is Nicole Herr. Her film credits include: Space Jam, Titanic, Hollow Man, Stuart Little, Open Season, Surf's Up, and most recently I am Legend. She is currently working at Sony Pictures Animation. I look forward to learning a TON from her. This week was just an introduction to the school and what we have to look forward to. The site is a ton of fun and there is a bunch of stuff to waste your time a good way. I'm looking forward to meeting as many students, mentors, and staff as possible and I can't wait to get started!


Hey Everyone,
I'm a little late getting this blog started but wanted to do it anyway. I am in week 4 of Animation Mentor and am LOVING it!!! It is such a great community full of people that are passionate about animation and are excited to learn. All of the staff is so involved and helpful and have done a great job on every aspect of the school. I will be posting my last 3 weeks at Animation Mentor to get caught up and then will be post my assignments each week as I do them. Any comments or critiques are very much appreciated. I will also be posting other cool things I find that are animation related. Stay tuned!
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