Sunday, June 15, 2008

Class 3: Week 11...THE END!!!

Hey!!! is the end of Class 3...

This was our last week to work on our dialogue shot and turn it in. Next week we have a Q and A and a lecture but no assingment. So, I get a 2 week break!! Anyways, I have a GREAT term. I learned so my from Jay, my mentor, and all of the lectures. I probably learned the most from just working on my shots and facing different challenges with each one. Its crazy how much new stuff you learn every time you work on a new shot.

Anyways, here is my final dialogue shot for Class 3. I had a little time to light and render this one to give it a more finished feel.

A friendly reminder that will will be picking up on this shot in Class 4 to animate the face. Right now only the eyes and jaw are moving. I'm super excited to get into lip sync and facial animation again. STAY TUNED FRIENDS!!!




Blogger Stephen and Melanie said...

Wow, looks good. We'll have to go and see kung fu panda, we have heard it's good to.

1:27 PM  

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