Friday, January 04, 2008

Class 1: THE END

Hey All,
Sorry i haven't posted in a while. I was on a wonderful vacation to London and Paris and then back to Washington State for Christmas. Hope everyone had an excellent Christmas and New Years. I wanted to post my final project from Class 1 and my progress reel from all of last term. Class 2 starts on Monday and I'm VERY excited!!!!! So, more posts to come...Enjoy

P.S. The background painting was a random search I did on google for a dark forest. So, I cannot take credit for it. The artist that painted it is Judy Schmidt and it was posted on

Final Character Walk

Class 1 Progress Reel


Blogger Alexiss Dawn said...

Excellent work last term Chris! I'm diggin the background you put behind your character walk. Nice job with it. I'm interested to see what you come up with in class 2 -- it was by far my favorite class so far. You grow SO much in that class! Get ready for it -- it's almost here! :D See ya on the site.

8:20 AM  

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