Friday, November 16, 2007

Class 1: Week 7

This weeks lecture was on arcs and path of action. This is a very important concept that is hard to nail but gives your animation fluidity and an orgranic feeling. The assignment was a choice of two: Animate One-Leg doing a single jump OR Animate Tailor, the ball with a tail, doing at least 3 jumps. I chose to do the Tailor animation and wanted to come up with a bit of story and character. I will post planning drawings in the next couple days. Here is what I have for the animation. The frame limit was 120 frames. Also, I've switched over to Quicktime for better quality and playback so let me know if you have any problems viewing the videos. If you have Quicktime istalled, you shouldn't. Thanks! PEACE OUT!!

*UPDATE: I also added the planning drawings I did for this week.


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